As service experience practitioners, we already operate beyond the bounds of single touch points or screen interfaces. 

We see, on the horizon, a set of ecosystem possibilities — ways to piece together the layers of systems, processes, functions and interfaces that must work in harmony to deliver both products and the end-to-end experience journey. 

We tramp through the jungle of resistance to lead efforts for change. We whack away hanging vines of old mindsets. We shine our torches on possibilities for integration, cross-silo collaboration, and customer-centered thinking.

And in a precious pocket, we carry a map — a map that we continually revise and hone — the map that points to the true gold. A business enterprise designed with humans in mind.

I’ll share stories of how building a customer experience practice at a large, for-profit university not only revealed the necessity for supporting mindset shift and capacity-building across functional verticals, but also cast into vivid relief the need for using the tools of experience analysis and design on the enterprise itself.  

As many leaders now realize, any long-term strategy must include recalibrating the entire organizational service profit chain to be human-centered – a territory of effort that, upon a thoughtful first glance, resembles the borders of medieval sea maps – “here there be monsters.”

So let’s jump in!

I’ll share what I discovered, tools we used, and methods we as practitioners can employ as we take on this next adventure.

Sharpen your machetes, strap on your cutlasses, tie on your adventure britches and join me!