DoITT, an agency within the New York City government, is responsible for providing IT services, infrastructure and telecommunications for the people of the city. Doberman worked with DoITT to develop their capability for human-centric innovation that would be key to their success in identifying and delivering new valuable services. Through a series of workshops—over the better part of a year—that mixed lectures, hands-on coaching and ideation, Doberman designed a transformational training program for DoITT employees with a strong “learning by doing” approach. The program included collaborative knowledge sharing and problem-based development, done “in real time” on real projects that were later launched to the public to great acclaim.

Doberman provided DoITT with tools and methodology for innovation and guided them through a process from insight to ideation and prototyping. Today, the resulting program is their core platform for all innovation initiatives in their service to all other NYC agencies. I will share the learnings and successes of this work.