I work at OpenTable, the worlds largest provider of online restaurant reservations. You may have used our app to book a table at a fancy restaurant, or maybe you’ve worked at one of those restaurants and used our software.

Since joining the design team, I have become one of the least fun people to dine out with. Just ask my wife. I used to be fully engrossed in our conversations, but now when we go out for a meal, I keep one eye on her, and one eye on the host, server, and kitchen staff to see how they deliver their unique style of service.

I will share with you some of the many hidden interactions that go on behind the scenes in a restaurant. Through these stories you will learn about the service framework the restaurant industry is built upon, and how their approach to delivering service can escalate a diner from an experience that is ‘outcome based’ to one that is ‘discreet and immersive’.

Finally, I will distill my method of observation and interviewing into principles that will help you identify frameworks and models in your own industry.