Erik flowers sx15

Erik Flowers is a Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit, a financial services company and maker of TurboTax, Mint, QuickBooks, and Quicken. Through the lens of modern service design, he is re-envisioning customer experiences across Intuit’s diverse ecosystem, building the capability throughout the company to look at experiences from end-to-end and surface-to-core.

Erik is a multidisciplinary designer and developer, having spent over 20 years working with the web and technology in countless environments and contexts, from freelancing, to small businesses, startups, and large corporations.

In addition to being a dyed-in-the-wool computer and design nerd, Erik also has a degree in psychology and creative writing, an education that he considers the cornerstone of his creative toolkit. 

When not saving the world from tax and bookkeeping problems, you can find him writing, finding reasons to mess with code and never-ending personal projects, un-relaxing with video games, and otherwise living vicariously through his 5-year old son's vast collection of Lego.

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