Emma laurentz sx15

Emma is a Senior Service Designer and Producer at Doberman Design in NYC where, in addition to providing clients with traditional Service Design offerings, she works closely with Interaction Designers to ensure a customer-first approach to digital products. 

Before joining Doberman, Emma was a Design Manager at Philips Design in the Netherlands, where she managed design strategy and innovation programs for both internal and external clients. Emma was also a core team member of Philips Design's Internal Design Thinking Academy, which served to embed a people-centric mindset throughout the Philips Global organization.

Emma started in Service Design during her years at Transformator Design in Stockholm, Sweden. There, she developed a passion for transforming user insights into profitable services, helping clients from a wide range of public and private industries put the customer at heart. 

"Great service experiences are rarely differentiated by an excellent core service,” Emma says. “It’s the basic yet magic hero moments that make customers stay late at the party, and that's what they tell their friends about "

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