Chris pacione sx 2014

Chris Pacione // CEO at LUMA Institute // A Taxonomy of Innovation – Chris Pacione

As service designers, you are probably familiar with several tools and techniques that you and your teams can employ in your work. Techniques like interviewing, service blueprint and brainstorming are well known in the industry. But did you realize there are over 900 discreet design and innovation methods at our disposal? The question is, which ones should we bother mastering and incorporating into our everyday work? Are their methods that are more indispensable and better suited for overcoming the challenges inherent in our work and delivering innovative service solutions? In this talk, Chris will briefly discuss the research he and his team at LUMA Institute conducted around design methodology and a new framework that emerged from this research that HBR recently called a “Taxonomy of Innovation”. He will share with you what they learned and how you, your team and your organization might leverage it become better service designers.

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Alex Nisbett // Service Designer at Livework // The Design and Delivery of the London 2012 Spectator Experience

Alex nisbett ux 2014
Alex Nisbett

Great experiences depend on a large number of interdependent factors, some which can be controlled, others not. I will look at some of the unique aspects of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and how with very little time and resource, a small but passionate team was able to make a big impact, not just for the 11m ticket holders but also on the organisation and the global audience.

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Rishi Mandal // CEO of Sosh // The Helping Hand

Rishi bloomber sx 2014
Rishi Mandal

The world's greatest hospitality experiences employ vivid storytelling, masterful attention to detail, and an intimate understanding of how to exceed expectations. Local merchants and artisans aspire to this, but are often overwhelmed by the demands of running a small business.

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Tamsin Smith // Director of Service Design at FCV Interactive // I Say Service Design, You Say Tomato

Tamsin smith sx 2014
Tamsin Smith

So you think you do service design? Me too! But wait, are we talking about the same thing? Is service design one thing? Or are there different flavours? How can we simplify a complex practice and deliver value? In this talk, Tamsin will share from her experience working in the service design industry, from the first renowned service design agency to building a comprehensive, full-service team inside a large digital agency. She'll share the highs and lows of a decade in service design consulting and provide insight into what might be in store in the years to come.

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Mike Smith // COO of Stitch Fix // Unpacking the Customer Experience

Mike smith sx 2014
Mike Smith

In an online business it’s easy to only focus on the website as the primary experience for customers and overlook the physical experience that customers have with your brand when they receive the product. E-commerce sites are often optimized for getting customers to complete a transaction.

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Gagan Biyani // CEO of Sprig // Eating Well by Design

Gagan biyani sx 2014
Gagan Biyani

What does it take to make a customer experience delightful? At Sprig, the on-demand meal delivery service, it's two parts: thoughtful end-to-end customer experience across all touch points, from the app to your door and data science to drive an optimal delivery experience across the entire system. Sprig CEO and co-founder, Gagan Biyani, will talk about the deliberate design of Sprig's minimal app, as well as how his team applies data science to get smarter about what their customers want and when to ensure we deliver a delightful experience from farm to phone to table.

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Susan Bethanis // CEO of Mariposa Leadership // Influence & Impact: Designing Your "Green Light" Experience

Sue bethanis ux 2014
Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D.

Behind every innovative customer experience lies ideas that are never considered. How can you be sure your great ideas rise to the top with decision makers? Hone your ability to influence so you can go from idea-to-innovation! In this discussion, Sue shares the importance of curiosity, networking (building rapport & relationships), and message clarity; she gives real examples from working with high-tech leaders as an executive coach.

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John Yesko // Sr. Director of Online Customer Experience at Walgreens // At the Corner of Digital and Retail

John yesko sx 2014
John Yesko

Walgreens has been practicing its own brand of service design since 1901, but today looks very different from the traditional corner drugstore. The customer experience now includes refilling prescriptions by mobile app scan, paperless coupons integrated with a loyalty card, and site-to-store shopping.

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Patrick Quattlebaum // Managing Director at Adaptive Path // Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SX

Pq sx 2014
Patrick Quattlebaum

"If you would ask ten people what service design is, you would end up with eleven different answers––at least. " -Marc Stickdorn Service Design is a dynamic field being pulled forward by practitioners and leaders willing to experiment and take risks to meet their organizations' challenges.

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Erik Flowers // Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit // A Service Design Odyssey

Erik flowers sx15
Erik Flowers

As Intuit's first bona fide service experience designer, I’m on an odyssey to build a service design practice from scratch. Before I could dive into the application of service design, I had to take a company that doesn’t fit the template of a service-based business and figure out how to build service design capabilities within.

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Chelsea Mauldin // Executive Director at Public Policy Lab // Doing Right by the People

Chelsea mauldin sx 2014
Chelsea Mauldin

Policymakers and nonprofit leaders are increasingly interested in working with designers to help create public policy and deliver social services. Meanwhile, at any given time, 15% of the American public is officially living in poverty – on less than $24,000 a year for a family of four.