Day 2 – Nov 17, 2015
8:30 - 12:00 PM

  • Creating a Strategy to Spread Service Design

    Let’s start by imagining what you will have accomplished at the end of the workshop to see if it’s a good fit, namely you (1) crafted a visual strategy to get feedback from coworkers on how to scale or spread service design in a specific organization, (2) identified next steps to apply and improve this strategy, (3) developed experiments to create quick wins from the strategy, (4) created evaluative criteria for the strategy’s success, and (5) uncovered factors to reduce the failures of implementing this strategy. view more…

    Location: Conference Room 1
    Marc Hébert, The San Francisco Human Services Agency Design Anthropologist
  • Effecting Positive Change Within Your Organization

    Our passionate community seeks to transform organizations into the empathetic and human-centric powerhouses they have the potential to be, but how do we implement these aspirational ideas amidst the day-to-day business of doing business?  Doberman worked with DoITT, the IT agency within the New York City government serving all other government agencies, to transform their culture and inner workings from a traditional, "we do it as it has always been done" organization into an outward- looking, needs-based one. view more…

    Location: Robertson 2
    Phi-Hong Ha, Doberman Design Creative Director, NY
    Emma Laurentz, Doberman Design Senior Service Designer & Producer
  • End-to-End, Surface-to-Core: Practical Service Blueprinting

    Practicing service design requires a adopting a new design toolkit. view more…

    Location: Robertson 1
    Erik Flowers, Intuit Principal Service Experience Designer
    Megan Miller, Stanford University IT Senior Service Designer
  • Silo-Busting with Scenarios

    What makes designing services uniquely difficult? For one thing, it's rare that anyone "owns" the service from end to end, so a seamless customer experience is all but impossible to provide. view more…

    Location: Robertson 3
    Kim Goodwin, PatientsLikeMe Consultant; VP of Product & User Experience
  • Your Service Needs a Voice: Brand Experience for SX

    Having a consistent brand experience across a service is more important than ever, yet most stakeholders aren’t versed in the language of brand. view more…

    Location: Conference Room 2
    Lauren Chapman Ruiz, Cooper Senior Interaction Designer
    Jayson McCauliff, Cooper Visual Interaction Designer