Let’s start by imagining what you will have accomplished at the end of the workshop to see if it’s a good fit, namely you (1) crafted a visual strategy to get feedback from coworkers on how to scale or spread service design in a specific organization, (2) identified next steps to apply and improve this strategy, (3) developed experiments to create quick wins from the strategy, (4) created evaluative criteria for the strategy’s success, and (5) uncovered factors to reduce the failures of implementing this strategy. The tools we plan to use draw from the work on visual facilitation (David Sibbet), social and behavioral science (Chip and Dan Health, Daniel Kahneman and Robert Sutton, among others), Human-Centered Design (Stanford d.School), Lean Process Improvement (Denver Peak Academy), and evaluation (H. Russell Bernard & Mark Friedman). All of these resources are available either freely online or with a library card. So, you wanna join us for a few action-packed hours to make stuff that's usable right after the conference?