Our passionate community seeks to transform organizations into the empathetic and human-centric powerhouses they have the potential to be, but how do we implement these aspirational ideas amidst the day-to-day business of doing business? 

Doberman worked with DoITT, the IT agency within the New York City government serving all other government agencies, to transform their culture and inner workings from a traditional, "we do it as it has always been done" organization into an outward- looking, needs-based one. Pulling from 17 years of experience, we created a pathway for DoITT that allowed them to truly “learn by doing,” through coaching and real-time work on real projects. 

In this workshop we will share a few of the methods and tools that can be put into practice in your own organizations in short order. We will introduce you to a few ways to take the first important steps toward effecting the desired change we all seek.